Rabbit Lane: Memoir

Introduction to Rabbit Lane

Chapter 1: First Walk

Chapter 2: To the Country

Chapter 3: Hawk

Chapter 4: Desert Lighthouse

Chapter 5: Old Cottonwood

Chapter 6: Harvey

Chapter 7: Turtle Lodge

Chapter 8: Tracks in the Snow

Chapter 9: Witch’s Tree

Chapter 10: Country Quiet

Chapter 11: Austin

Chapter 12: Worm Sign

Chapter 13: Of Goats and a Pot-Bellied Pig

Chapter 14: No Trespassing

Chapter 15: Of Foxes and Hens

Chapter 16: Around the Fire Pit

Chapter 17:  Foreshadowing

Chapter 18: Mary

Chapter 19: Porn

Chapter 20: Of Cows and a Stray Bull

Chapter 21: Cricket Chorus

Chapter 22: Reza

Chapter 23: The Day’s Song

Chapter 24: Remembering the Day

Chapter 25: Shining Shoes

Chapter 26: Of Dogs and Cursing

Chapter 27: Sparring Skunks

Chapter 28: Away with Murder

Chapter 29: Gardens

Chapter 30: Good-Bye Harv

Chapter 31: Hurry Up and Play

Chapter 32: Snow Angel

Chapter 33: Shooting Stars

Chapter 34: Of Ducks and Geese

Chapter 35: Canoe Trip

Chapter 36: Shirley and Lucille

Chapter 37: Of Caterpillars and Birds

Chapter 38: Black-Oil Pavement

Chapter 39: Erda

Chapter 40: Wind

Chapter 41: Of Marriage, Lies, and Promises

Chapter 42: Birdhouses

Chapter 43: Trees

Chapter 44: Of Death, Swords, and a Bear Hunt

Chapter 45: Of Light and Love

Chapter 46: Of Boys, Pigeons, and an Evil Rooster

Chapter 47: Big-Wheel Ecosystem

Chapter 48: What Is To Come

Appendix: Round Shells Resting

Acknowledgements: To Say Thank You

Rabbit Lane: Published!

Utah State Poetry Society

Upcoming Review by Rose Gluck

Featured Author: Roger Baker (Review by Rose Gluck Reviews)

Anniversary of Rabbit Lane

Rabbit Lane Preserved

Book Review: Rabbit Lane Memoir (by Brian Baker)

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