To Say Thank You

Harvey 2015

How does one say thank you to a road, to a strip of dirt and gravel?  Yet that road is the main character, the protagonist, of Rabbit Lane: Memoir of a Country Road.  So, I must unequivocally thank Rabbit Lane itself for every gift bestowed to me over the years: calm, insight, resolution, understanding, beauty, history, and healing.  And for the gift of this book.  I also thank all of the people listed below who are mentioned in, or who contributed to, this book.

Angela Baker, my former wife, and our children Brian, Erin, Laura, John, Caleb, Hyrum, and Hannah.  My parents Nelson and Lucille Baker.

Harvey “Two Suns” Russell (pictured above; photo credit: Mary Russell) and Mary Russell.  Cloyd Russell.  Rocky Russell.  Three Native American sundance chiefs whose names I never knew.


(Harvey Russell and Roger Baker)

Austin Barrus and Mary Barrus.  Cordale Gull.  Ron and Mary Norris, and Carly Gressman.  Craig Vorwaller.  Evan Coon.

Charley Warr and Judy Rydalch Warr.  Charley’s mother Nina Vorwaller Warr.  Charley’s great-grandfather Charles Warr.  Mayla Warr.  Doyle “Doc” Taylor.

Shirley Weyland and Lucille Weyland Rydalch.  Joe Liddell.  Dempsey Prichard (sp?).

Mathew Reza Arbshay.  Bobak, Anahita, and Deeba Arabashahi.  D. Brent Rose.  Mrs. Kastanis and her three children.  Bob Morgan.  Joe McNall.  Ben Court.

I want especially to thank my faithful friend Carl Johanson, and his wife Claudia Giron Johanson, who gave me both a place and a reason to live during the darkest hours of my life.  It was in this empty house that I assembled the finished manuscript for this book.


Carl called my writing room my Walden Pond, which compliment greatly lifted my spirits and helped me believe in myself and that I was capable of writing the book.




Thanks, lastly, to all of YOU for reading.  A book without readers is mere paper and ink.

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