Here Come the Geese

20151010_111427 (crop-01)

Gaggles of Canada Geese flying in “V” formation are a quintessential site over Erda.  The geese fly from Canada to the Great Salt Lake shore land preserves and Fish Springs conservation area, continuing on south.  Some stay all winter long.  I am happy to see them at any time of the year.  And seeing them always comes with hearing them, for they all honk to each other as they fly.  This short poem celebrates these geese.  (See the post Chapter 34: Of Ducks and Geese for more on geese and Rabbit Lane.)


Here come the geese
in noisy, rough formation,
beaks pointed and necks outstretched
in determined expectation,
pushed on by shorter days and cooler nights,
singing their single purpose,
to flee the north for warmer climes.


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