At virtually any time of the day or night on Rabbit Lane, I can hear birds singing or cawing or screeching or chirping.  This evening, as the sun set over the Great Salt Lake, I heard Ravens, Red-winged Blackbirds, an American Kestrel, House Sparrows, and House Finches.  Opening our ears to the sounds of birds is enriching enough, but opening our hearts to their beauty is a meditation, an uplifting of the soul, a catharsis.  Do you listen to the birds singing around you?



A robin! A robin!
Chirping on the branch.

A king bird! A king bird!
Whistling on the fence post.

A finch! A finch!
Twittering on the feeder.

A lark! A lark!
Singing in the meadow.

A dove! A dove!
Cooing in the morning.

A snipe! A snipe!
Tumbling through the evening sky.

An owl! An owl!
Screeching from the snag.

Can you hear them, too?

1 thought on “Listen!

  1. Harv Russell

    It has been 30 or more years since I could hear the song birds sing and crickets in concert .. A few months ago I was finally able to get a set of hearing aids that actually worked, because now I can hear the robins and finch and wild song canaries that we have around the property here. It is still too early for the crickets and I am waiting in anticipation for those events. As a child I would sleep with my window open and listen to them in concert in the flowers and shrubs and grass around the foundation of the house into the wee hours of night.
    I quit keeping roller and chopper house canaries when I couldn’t hear their beautiful songs anymore. Maybe I’ll get some again now that I can hear .

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