Away I Must Fly


I thrill with each dash of color, each beating wing, and each trilling song from Rabbit Lane’s abundant bird life.  I admire the Red-tailed Hawk couple regarding me with nonchalance as they mind their nest.  Barn owls shooting from their tree holes at sunset fill me with mystery.  The tweets, chirps, and twitters of little songbirds never fail to lift my spirits.  At times I regard their cheerfulness and freedom with envy.  I wish I could flit and fly and sing like they do.  This little-boy yearning, coupled with man-sized troubles, inspired the following poem.


I must fly,
sang the restless little bird,
I must fly.
Only for a moment.
Only for a day.
Only for a season.
Then back I’ll fly,
to stay.
But today,
sang the restless little bird,
I must fly

2 thoughts on “Away I Must Fly

  1. Harv Russell

    It was so good to see you the other day. Of all the critters I’ve had in my day(s)… birds have been my favorites. I relate to this poem.

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