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Songs of Spring


How delightful are the sights and sounds of Spring.  Winter has lain upon the land so long that we have almost forgotten the sounds of warm-weather life.  With the melting snow, the greening grass, and the budding trees, we know that Spring is coming.  Best of all, the migrating birds are returning and singing their beautiful, unique songs.  The yellow-breasted Meadowlark is a favorite, with its complicated melody.  I hope you enjoy this poem about the songs of Spring.

Songs of Spring

Ice and snow begin
to yield to a longer sun.

Meadowlarks have returned
singing melodies:

A hundred little blackbirds
in a bare tree top prattle,

Robin hops quietly
in the greening grass,
stops to reconnoiter,
one eye for juicy brown earthworms,
the other for the cat.



Come February I truly begin to tire of Winter’s weary landscape.  Everything is brown.  I want the trees and roses to bud.  I want the bulb flowers to rise.  I want the peach and apricot trees to blossom.  I want to feel the renewal of life.


Winter has lain
long and heavy
on the landscape,
pressing pliable grass blades,
weighing down supple apply boughs.
Too long
has the sky hung
gray overhead.