Come February I truly begin to tire of Winter’s weary landscape.  Everything is brown.  I want the trees and roses to bud.  I want the bulb flowers to rise.  I want the peach and apricot trees to blossom.  I want to feel the renewal of life.


Winter has lain
long and heavy
on the landscape,
pressing pliable grass blades,
weighing down supple apply boughs.
Too long
has the sky hung
gray overhead.

5 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Harv Russell

    I can imagine how depressing your weather up there can be when it just hangs on and on. It would be good for one and all if we could just swap a little of your bad weather for a little of our beautiful shirt sleeve weather we have had so far this winter. we have not had enough snow here in this 5600 foot elevation to even get the snow shovel out for.
    The trees and bushes are budding out and my birds are starting to moult their feathers . As screwy as things seem to be it is quite concerning that we will likely get our rough winter weather yet and knock everything for a loop !

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