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I have raised roosters both tame and mean.  One white rooster is so gentle we can hold him and stroke his long white feathers while he softly chortles.  Give a rooster a harem of hens, however, and he becomes jealously protective.  My roosters never crow only at sunrise.  They crow at all hours of the day and night.  That same white rooster crows every time he wants our attention, like a dog barking for someone to play with or a cat meowing for a fur stroke.  Here is a little poem I wrote about roosters that do crow at dawn.  (For more on roosters in Rabbit Lane: Memoir of a Country Road, see these posts: Chapter 15: Of Foxes and Hens; Chapter 46: Of Boys, Pigeons, and an Evil Rooster; and, Round Shells Resting.)


Stretches from talon to beak
As he calls to the dawn,
“Welcome Today!”

Squeezes from tail feather to crown
As he greets the new day,
“Good Morning!”