Courage at Twilight: Creamy Potato-Leek Soup

One of the first French meals I cooked for Mom and Dad was Julia Child’s potato-leek soup.  This very simple soup is so hearty and delicious, and the texture thick and creamy.  In one big pot I boiled cubed potatoes, rings of carrots, and sliced leeks, yellow onions, and green onions, with a spot of butter, a shake of pepper, a sifting of salt, and a spray of aromatic herbs: thyme, bay leaf, parsley.  With the vegetables soft, it was time to puree them in their juices with a wand blender, adding cream to the perfectly pureed consistency.  Chopped spinach and sautéed mushrooms were the last to join in, adding color, flavor, and nutrients.  The soup turned out perfectly.  Mom, Dad, and I enjoyed every delectable sip from the spoon, together with bites of crunchy buttered sourdough toast.  Thanks Julia!

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