Courage at Twilight: Sugar-Free

Mom texted me to see if I would take her and Dad to Walgreen’s when I got home from work.  The object of the outing: sugar-free chocolate candy for Dad.  Mom gave me careful directions to the store, and in and around the parking lot.  She stayed in the car, but encouraged Dad sweetly with, “Get lots and lots, Nelson.”  And we did.  Hershey’s and Russel Stover’s, more than a dozen bags in many varieties.  “This will last me for six months,” Dad beamed.  Along with mixed nuts and popcorn, he likes to munch a candy here and there while reading in his rocking chair late into the night.  His only disappointment at the store was the absence of sugar-free chocolate truffles.  We stared dejectedly at all the many kinds of chocolate truffles he could not eat.  I reassured him I would order some immediately from Amazon when we got home.  It’s time to go keep that promise.

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