Courage at Twilight: An Introduction

Courage at Twilight: An Introduction

Day #1.  I knew the day would come.  The day when my vibrant marathon-running violin-playing father and mother would grow old, grow feeble, stumble and fall.  And I wondered how I could feebly stumble in my filial role to give them care.  I am older than I thought parents could get, and certainly not me: a near-60 divorced lawyer writer mountain biker.  One day it became clear the solution to the problem was to move in with my parents and provide for them the best care I knew how.  And I knew writing would help me understand the experience.  Join me as I travel this unfamiliar road, through short daily vignettes, to contribute to the quality of life of my aging parents, and to make sense of my life as they journey toward their life’s end and beyond.

Roger Baker
August 1, 2021

7 thoughts on “Courage at Twilight: An Introduction

  1. Dorothy Fluckiger

    What a valiant decision you are making to care for your dear parents ! I am personally grateful for your decision knowing they will be well cared for in their declining years. What wonderful examples they have been for me for so many years!
    Much love to you❤️

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    1. Roger Baker-Utah Post author

      Thanks for your love and support, Sister Fluckiger. You, Steve, and the other Brazil missionaries are a source of great pride, tenderness, and joy for Mom and Dad. Thank YOU for being such a wonderful missionary and friend!



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