An Essay on Reptiles

An Essay on Reptiles
by Amy, age 9

I am going to tell you my opinion about why you should own a reptile.  First, some reptiles are smart.  Reptiles that are smart could be a bearded dragon, a snake, and a lot of others.  Next, there are lots of reptiles you could choose from.  You could own a bearded dragon, any type of snake, a frog, or any other type of reptile.  Last, reptiles are very cute.  All of the reptiles in the whole world are cute.  I hope you like my opinion about reptiles.  I hope you learned something new, maybe you found a reptile you want, and maybe you even found a reptile you’ve never heard of.  I hope you have fun with your reptile if you ever get one.

9 thoughts on “An Essay on Reptiles

  1. Patricia Ann

    Amy, my favorite reptile is the turtle. I had turtles as pets as a child and my children also had turtles as pets. One of my granddaughters and one of my great-grandsons love turtles also. Now I just have a collection of unanimated turtles. It was interesting to read your essay on reptiles, especially your bearded dragon, Sunshine.

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  2. anotherkatewilson

    We often have stumpy-tail shingle-back blue tongues around the garden, they look like big long walking pine cones and you have to look closely to tell which end is the head. I think they’re cute. But I don’t think the brown snakes that we also get are so cute. Greetings to Sunshine from downunder. 🙂

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