Winter Window

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The longer the winter, the harder to bear the bleak and the cold, I find.  Still, upon entering winter’s wilderness, I cannot deny its beauty, its sublimity.  Here is a wintertime poem composed as I contemplated a winter scene through a glass pane, from the warm inside.


Watch through the window in winter:

a solitary snowflake
floating innocently down
to catch, and slowly fade,
on the frosted ground;

a stray photon
flying from a distant minor star,
surviving massing clouds
and a creeping fog;

a shriveled gambel leaf
yielding finally to the nagging wind
and wafting without will
to alien ground;

a slow fly
bouncing repeatedly, futilely, against the clear pane,
falling to convalesce upon the sill, unaware that
on the other side exists a lonesome sterility and a cold unable to bear.

5 thoughts on “Winter Window

    1. Roger Baker-Utah Post author

      Thank you. You stumped me with “brill.” My dictionary says a brill is a fish! Hopefully you mean “brilliant”! Whether fish or awesomeness, I thank you for reading, enjoying, and commenting. Good luck with that hangover!

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