2020 Humankind


Warning: this poem is satirical, even cynical.  No soothing pleasantries here.  Rather, I presume to introspect on behalf of humankind.  And I don’t like what I see.  As advanced as our species has become, with global economic networks, far-reaching social and humanitarian programs, abundant universities, and quotidian scientific breakthroughs, yet, I fear, we remain too shallow, too self-absorbed, too small-minded.  A ranting soliloquy I overheard at the gym (I know, not necessarily the epicenter of human achievement) caused me to reflect on the nature of humankind, and “inspired” me to write this poem to encapsulate this cracked jewel of human behavior.  Please forgive the profanity: it’s a quotation.  The number in the title–2020–does not reference a calendar year, but hints at the notion of perspective.  I, for one, will try to be a little smarter, a little kinder, a little more outward in my thinking and behavior.  Join me in the effort to be just a notch better today, for the sake of the species.


The thing I hate about this gym is, you
know, that on Sundays it closes at 3.


I mean, what kind of a shitty policy is that?
It’s Sunday afternoon, you know, and I’ve slept all day,
and now I wanna go to the gym. I wanna
get pumped, you know?  Pumped up!


But can I go to the gym?
NO! I’m fucked, man!
You know what I mean?

God damn!

What is wrong with these people?

3 thoughts on “2020 Humankind

  1. Jeanette

    I hear similar conversations between the younger moms in our preschoolers playgroup: “if I don’t have enough money for what I want my husband needs to earn more.” Or: “when I have the money I am totally getting my boobs done. I hate what nursing my children has done to my figure.” Or: “it’s not like I am high maintenance; I only get a new wardrobe when the seasons change. And I only get my nails done once a month.” These statements used to really bother me. Usually now I brush it off as immaturity. Still sometimes I think that a little real hardship would help them grow up.

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