Cup of Tea


Photo by Liddy Mills

I sat recently with a mug of scalding water in one hand and a tea bag in the other, dipping the bag repeatedly in the water, watching the water darken as the herbs steeped.  Mmm.  How aromatic was that chamomile (“cidreira” in Portuguese).  I looked forward to sipping that sweet brew!  The process of boiling the water and steeping the tea–of transforming crushed, dried herbs into a delicious, soothing beverage–caused me to ponder the processes of life and transformation.  I thought about how we are similar to crushed, dried herbs–the dust of the earth, if you will–and about how, through life’s challenges and choices, we can transform our character, our soul, into something better and more pleasing.  I contemplated God’s purposes in sending us to this mortal sphere, giving us rules and guidelines for our success, and nurturing us quietly every arduous step of the way.  Please enjoy my poem “Cup of Tea” about this process of becoming.


The Maker holds me
by a string, steeps
and dips me in the scald
until I become
the water
and the water becomes
me, stirred and stirred
with small cubes of sweetness
and drops of smoothing cream,
to be held in warming palms,
to be smelled and sipped
and savored.

3 thoughts on “Cup of Tea

  1. Harv Russell

    Yes…. there ‘s something that isn’t at all hard to relate to. Good ol’ chamomile and her running mate Rooibos (or red bush ) the English translation that African mothers give their babies at night to help them sleep . Plus some red raspberry leaf tea , good ol’ mint and decaffed green tea with honey or stevia….for any kind of weather or season. Great soothers !!



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