Wood Lamp: Waves


Waves, a lamp by Hyrum Baker

My son, Hyrum, made this gorgeous natural wood lamp, with a little coaching from me.  Like his lamp Smoke, the wood for this lamp came from a Russian Olive tree root.  For this lamp, however, Hyrum chose a dark brown Jacobean stain.  The lighter Sedona red base reflects light up into the twists and curves of the darker lamp, bringing focus to the rich glossy brown.  Standing at about 27 inches tall, this lamp presented Hyrum with the challenge of drilling in hard wood with long bits at awkward angles.  Hyrum, aged 12 at the time, turned an otherwise ugly root into a beautiful piece of artwork that doubles as a lamp.  Hyrum named the lamp Waves, the delicately curving arms evoking images of rippling water.  We suggest the value of this lamp to be $590 or more, depending on the market.  Waves is waiting to adorn the office or living room of a discerning decorator.

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