Clementine: Return

Clementine 02

(photograph by Laura Baker)

Clementine would disappear for days, and then reappear in the same or a different corner.  I could not see any web against the whiteness of the shower insert, but I knew a web must be there, for Clementine didn’t walk on the wall but seemed to walk in air close to the wall.  I wondered what she ate, for she was slow, spun no web to catch insects, and there were no insects (that I could see) for her to catch.  When she left I felt her absence, like after you say good-bye to a friend who has come to visit.  Her return always brought a strange sense of relief.


Welcome, Clementine!
I am glad
for your visit!
How I have hoped
you were well.
And here you are,
looking well!
Can you stay
You left without notice
(you know),
and equally came.
But I am glad
for your visit!
Please, stay
I am needing to go
to town this morning,
though. You’ll wait here
till I return?
Oh, good.
So glad
for your visit!

1 thought on “Clementine: Return

  1. Harv Russell

    I pretty much like all spiders ( except the Black Widows and Brown Recluse of course! ) Spiders are Gardeners good friends by eating many bad bugs that want to eat the good stuff that we try to grow.
    I use to drive my wive’s nuts because I would never kill them in the house. They got rid of house flies and “skeeters”.
    My favorite spiders are the hunter spiders that don’t sit around in their web waiting for their next meal to drop in, they go out hunting for them. When they are on the walls or ceilings they will slowly and cautiously sneak up on their prey and glue their web from their back end to the surface and then in a flash spring and catch their victim and dangle from the web swinging back and forth in the breeze while dining on their delicacy. If you look at their face thru a magnifying glass you will see that it resembles a monkey’s face and they have a flexible neck that turns their head up and down and from side to side ,,just like we do. It’s quite cute .

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