Wind (Poem)


Summer winds rip through the funnel of the Stockton bar and down across the Tooele valley floor where we live.  Or they fly in from the north across the Great Salt Lake.  Either way they tear at the siding and roof shingles and rattle the house, making sleep impossible.  Frightened children wander to the foot of our bed hoping to be welcomed up to sleep with us, happy even to sleep on the floor curled up in their quilts.  This poem describes how nothing frightens me like the wind.


Nothing frightens me like
a million whispers rushing
through a million forest leaves,
coalescing into crescendo and
a horrifying howl,
a gusty, sibilant scream,
a prolonged and violent accusation.
rattles my home,
shakes my bed,
shivers my nerves.
disturbs my well-gelled image,
exposing me: unkempt and scattered.
bellows dirt into my eyes and nose and throat;
I squint and cough and curse.
batters and tears as
I fight for footing.
whips up the storms
that stir the deep and hidden things,
monsters that slink mysteriously about,
revealing themselves in
cursings and covetings, in
lashings and lustings.
Give me
driving Rain,
booming Thunder,
sizzling Lightning,
desiccating Sun:
I embrace them.
But keep away the


3 thoughts on “Wind (Poem)

  1. Harv Russell

    It has always caused me to wonder why people live in places that have tornados and hurricanes and the such. These bad winds we have here in Utah are just a fart compared to the hurricanes and tornados in those states that have them so often. I can relate with you about them ,when they get up in the 60’s and 70’s mph range , they definitely get my attention . And yes I agree with you …keep away the wind.

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    1. Roger Baker-Utah Post author

      Thanks for putting our little winds in perspective, Harv! Growing up in New Jersey, we occasionally caught the tail end of a hurricane, one of which toppled a tall willow tree in our back yard. I cut it up with a hand saw, then split the wood to burn in our fireplace. Great way to keep a teenager busy.

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