Where Does Love Go?


So many people feel so lonely.  Even the most gregarious are not immune.  Even the most stoic of intellects must acknowledge that these feelings are real.  Hurt feelings, disappointments, resentments, traumas, betrayals, sarcasm, silence: they all push us apart to such distances that we wonder whether healing is possible.  Contemplating love and loneliness as I walked on Rabbit Lane years ago, I wrote this poem.  I have great hopes that people can find other people to love and be loved by, and thus heal the deep hurt of loneliness.  (Photo credit: Laura Baker.)


Where does love go
after long years limp by?

Love burns and love binds
in the moment of beginning.
Love cleaves,
then tip-toes cautiously away,
leaving you wondering where it went,
and how it is that it ever was.

One day you saw love
slinking off
to hide behind so many hurts.
Another day you saw love
rushing and crashing
against rage’s rocky shore.
The last day you saw love
huddling, withdrawn,
under a dark, shrouding silence.

Why does love go
after long years grind past?
And what do you do
when it’s gone?

4 thoughts on “Where Does Love Go?

  1. Lee Childs

    I enjoyed the poem of where does Love go. May I suggest an EXCELLENT book titled “the Mystery of Love” by Rabbi Mark Gafni who does a great job of calling upon ancient history surrounding the two Cherubs who are not stationary atop the Arch of the Covenant to help us understand the DEEPER MEANING OF LOVE, which is to be experienced in all facets of our lives as EROS, which most people ERRONEOUSLY believe relates only to SEX. It is a must read.

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