Roger Baker

A Utah graduate student couple brought Roger Evans Baker into the world while living in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1964. Nelson and Lucille reared Roger and his five siblings in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Following a second stint in Brazil and one in Portugal, Roger earned his BA in English at Brigham Young University, along with a minor in Portuguese. After law school at BYU, Roger returned to Portugal in 1991, where he studied international law as a Fulbright scholar. In 1993 Roger went to work as a criminal prosecutor for Tooele City, Utah, where in 1995 the Mayor and City Council appointed him to the position of City Attorney. He continues to work there today. In his free time, Roger rears children (7), raises chickens and goats, pulls weeds in the garden, walks Erda’s farm-flanked roads, reads, and writes the occasional poem and lullaby.

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