Fiddle Fever

I have attended some great concerts in my many years: Journey: Billy Joel; Boston; John Taylor.  But the best concert I ever attended was a free community Concert in the Park in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in the summer 1981.  The band was Fiddle Fever, and I was 17.  From the first note, I was completely captivated.  Their Appalachian bluegrass music was earthy and mystical, happy and tender, evoking generations and adventures past and yet to come, and expertly performed.  The players radiated enthusiasm and utter joy that washed over and through me.  We bought the vinyl and listened to it hundreds of times until it was too scratched to play.  To my delight, I recently found a CD of the original LP, with several bonus tracks.  Thirty-nine years later, I am playing Fiddle Fever again.  I am captivated still.

4 thoughts on “Fiddle Fever

  1. JoJo

    I love this music! Which I’m sure is normal in your neck of the woods but where I come from I’m a freak 😂 it’s not popular or well known here but something about a fiddle and a harmonica 💗

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    1. Roger Baker-Utah Post author

      I’m so glad you enjoy it! Living in Utah now, I am 2,000 miles away from the heart of bluegrass country. I heard the 1980s concert in New Jersey, where I grew up. Whereabouts do you come from? The players are so talented. I wish they had produced more music.

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      1. JoJo

        I’m from New Zealand but now live in England. Neither are big bluegrass or country music lover locations but there are some of us about as I used to go to festivals in the summer that were for us few fans this side of the pond. Lockdown cancelled them this year unfortunately but thankfully with the internet I can indulge in listening when I like 😊

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