I have lived alone for 1 year now: 52 weeks: 365 days.  The highlight of my life is to see my children.  They grew a gorgeous garden this year, and shared with me their harvest: sweet corn; swiss chard; cucumbers.  And a pumpkin.  Their front porch is adorned with two dozen perfect orange pumpkins.  Hyrum and Hannah offered me one, perfectly round, with a spiraling stem. The pumpkin reminded me of them each night when I came home from work.  It looked so cute sitting by the front door, until one evening I found it smashed on the rocks.


To Whoever
smashed my pumpkin:
I wondered
how long
my pumpkin would survive

Not long.

My little daughter
raised this pumpkin
in her garden.

I love her.
I do not get to see her much.
I miss her.

So, I set by my door
her pumpkin, my pumpkin.
It reminded me of her.

I dared to hope
you would let it be.
But you smashed
my little girl’s

(PS.  She gave me another yesterday.  One can hope.)

17 thoughts on “Smashed

  1. 'Jeanette

    I have observed this kind of behavior over and over again. Often it as the result of an uneducated mind; not everyone is born with a natural sensitivity or awareness of others. But they can be taught. Others, even when brought to an awareness, just don’t care. and it is those that truly baffle me. I am sorry about your pumpkin. I am sorry it made your heart sad. It would make me sad too.

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  2. Cindy Miller

    Honestly I don t think they have any idea why smashing a pumpkin would cause anynne to be more than a little annoyed- they are juueniles out for a lark and a dare to prove bravery. I don t believe they intenionally try to cause distress. Its more likely immaturity and thoughtlessness at the moment because they are enjoying the “fun”. If we could teach everyone to value all types of life and creation as well as respect…

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    1. Roger Baker-Utah Post author

      I think you’re probably right. I’m trying a little social experiment. I left the smashed pumpkin where it is and placed a new pumpkin close to it, again by my front door. I taped a copy of my Smashed poem above the new pumpkin. We’ll see what happens to the new pumpkin. The poem may provoke another smashing, or deter one. Thanks for commenting!


  3. Pooja Alok

    I am both sorry and sad to know this.. And I am reminded of a poem exactly for the person who smashed your pumpkin -
    Hope you like it and I hope the pumpkin smasher is blessed with some wisdom this time around!

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    1. Roger Baker-Utah Post author

      Amidst so much evil in the world, having my pumpkin smashed was a very small thing. But our human race can improve and learn more kindness and forgiveness. We must. My experiment is working so far, as my new pumpkin remains unmolested. Thank you for reading and commenting. I will read your poem!

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    1. Roger Baker-Utah Post author

      Thankfully, my second pumpkin has survived over two weeks now. I taped the poem to my house above the new pumpkin as a social experiment in deterrence. My little experiment seems to have worked. (Keeping my fingers crossed.)

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    1. Roger Baker-Utah Post author

      Thanks Polly. I tried a little social experiment by putting a new pumpkin on my porch and taping on the wall above the pumpkin a copy of my “Smashed” poem. The new pumpkin, and the poem, went unmolested for a month before I removed them in December. Maybe the malefactor repented, or didn’t come back, or didn’t accept the dare. Losing my pumpkin to a punk was a very small thing in the overall mess of the world, but I wanted to use the experience to urge more civility, consideration, kindness, and respect in the world. So, thank YOU for your comment. I do love my children and hope the best for them. Merry Christmas to you!



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