Open Eyes


The more I walk on Rabbit Lane, the more I notice the nuanced environment around me, in the hay fields, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the cows.  And with each step I ponder the meaning of things, of what I see and feel.  I begin to understand more about the worlds both without and within myself.


we open our eyes
the places we walk
will show us
wonderful things
but also hard
heart-wrenching things
beauty and sorrow
sometimes each alone
often all together

7 thoughts on “Open Eyes

  1. Jeanette

    Profoundly true. I think that is why so many people go through life with their headphones in their ears, noise in the form of pod casts, radio, or gaming streaming endlessly at their senses. Sometimes the realizations that come in quiet times are not only revelatory, but painful. Learning to be comfortable in silence is rare in our day.

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  2. Mike

    “heart-wrenching things
    beauty and sorrow
    sometimes each alone
    often all together”

    The haunting appeal of Irish music is its combination of sadness and joy in unforgettable melodies. GIve a listen to “The Twisting of The Rope” by the Chieftains for a particularly emotion-packed example.

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  3. Becky

    Living with our eyes wide open enables us to see what is right in front of us. Once we see it, do we acknowledge or turn away?
    This poem reminds me that beauty and sorrow often reside together, but there is always beauty to be extrapolated.

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